If you can't feed a hundred people then just feed one.
-Mother Teresa


Number of people fed

From providing emergency relief and free &subsidised medical treatments, our mission is to help those in need and to work for their sustainable future. We request everyone to extend their helping hand by contributing to this noble cause of serving the mankind. Any amount is gratefully accepted. 100% of your donations go towards the cost of lifesaving dialysis treatment and machines. Help change lives by donating. Your donation will help us continue to help the needy

Anyone who has spent time in CH centre must have noticed the abundance of free food. Whether breakfast at morning, meal in the morning or dinner at night, free food is obiquitous. At CH centre, we consider our patients' health and ensure that no one goes hungry. We  provide free food facility to patients and their escorts in Calicut medical college hospital on a regular basis. 500 to 600 persons utilize this facility during morning and evening. In the holy month of Ramadan CH centre provides special arrangements for "Ifthar and Athazam ", for about 2000 people per day, and during Eid we provide special lunch for about 6000 people each year.