Those who spent in charity will be  richly rewarded.
- ( Al Quran 57:10)


Number of people served.

From providing emergency relief and free & subsidised medical treatments, our mission is to help those in need and to work for their sustainable future. We  request everyone to extend their helping hand by contributing to this noble cause of serving the mankind. Any amount is gratefully accepted. 100 %of of your donations go towards the cost of lifesaving dialysis treatment and machines. Help change lives by donating. Your donation will help us continue to help the needy.

Free medicine is just one solution to better health care in Kerala. The program was launched in the early 2001, where a lot of patients were found running around with their prescriptions.The top priority of this program is to protect people's health status and to provide  medicines free of charge to all the poor patients who don't have sufficient access to essential medicines. Patients are qualified for the free medicine program, provided they show their proof of indigency.CH centre is now running two medical stores - one for free supply of medicines and the other for the normal public, with concession up to 40% on medicines.